Opportunity Zones are going to initiate a renewal renaissance in our urban areas. My hope is that people understand we are not just building buildings but lifting up people. I have seen too many go into areas like this and forget the community, the people, and the culture. We don’t want to gentrify these areas we truly want to lift up the people that live in these neighborhoods now designated opportunity zones.

Our group has fixed over a billion dollars of failing assets nationwide over 30 years and many of these assets are located in areas now classified as opportunity zones. Please request the video where we won the national award for best turnaround property from HUD. HUD meets once every three years to designate the recipient of this award. After reviewing the video let me know if I can answer any questions.

Let me know if there something I can help you with and what is your interest in opportunity zones? We are creating a fund to invest in these areas and are working with some incredible organizations around the country to help others succeed in this new initiative. I would like to thank the Trump administration for all their hard work and signing this executive order.