Reposition with Confidence with The Apartment Director’s partnership support system.  Now you don’t have to guess about what you need to do you will know what you need to do and have the confidence to do it.

If you are thinking, planning or in the process of repositioning your investments do not do it with out me on your team.  There is no substitution for the having “The Apartment Director” on your team.  Over 1 billion dollars of real estate repositioned successfully. Again if you are already looking at possible investments you need me on your team.

To get your FREE CONSULTATION on repositioning distressed apartments use our on-line contact form or call us at 972-885-8073

Don’t think you can do it…Know you can do it!

I will make sure you: buy the right property at the right price, whether the property is a land mind or a gold mind, and help you protect your assets…

Partnership Support Services Offered

  • Complete Partnership Support
  • Weekly call to go over strategies
  • 30 days Unlimited email support
  • Identify Repositioning Challenge/s
  • Help you develop a customized repositioning plan
  • Weekly direction on how to implement the plan
  • Plus I will assist you in the implementation of the plan
  • Plus 3 day onsite visit analyzing confirming the data
  • Plus much more…
  • Investment: $49,987.32
  • Coaching, Mentoring and Training
  • Not only will I help you reposition your property. I will teach you the ropes on how to reposition distress apartments from start to finish. This is an additional to the complete Partnership Support system.
  • Additional Investment: $19,852.11
  • Continued Partner Support Plans
  • If your repositioning challenges are not being met after 30 days partner support then we recommend choosing one of continued weekly support plans below.
    Monthly Support Level 1
    Monthly $1,995.00 USD
    Monthly Support Level 2
    Monthly $3,995.00 USD

Misc Partnership Support
Contract Apartment Leasing (No Vacancy Leasing)
Apartment Director for hire (Limited Availability)