Stabilizing Distressed Apartments

Free ConsultationWe offer you 100% focus to stabilize your investment FAST!

Whether you are a new investor or seasoned investor with thousands of apartments you need us on your team. Most of my work has been with seasoned investors and I have saved them from losing 100’s of million of dollars. I bring to you what no one else can executive multifamily experience to the community level. I have made impossible missions possible through my coaching, consulting and training working with you one on one and at the property level.

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Think about this: each month you property is not successful how much cash are you losing forever every month by lost rental income, lower rents, longer time to refinance long term, etc. You can benefit from our 25+ years of my corporate multi-housing family experience and we will KO your stabilizing challenge together quickly.

Don’t make the mistake of waiting to contact me when your investment is failing. Consequences of waiting are forever lost cash flow, unneeded stress and worry, possibly losing your investment to foreclosure, your investment spiraling downward to the point of no return.

Impossible Multifamily Challenges KO’d by “The Apartment Director”

  • Massive Value Increase: Successfully putting together in-house stabilizing plan for an 800 unit complex when one of the top repositioning companies failed to produce as contracted.  Robert’s team stabilized the community with quality residents and went from 65% to 95% occupied using their on site team.
  • Huge Cost Savings: Created and implemented an advertising program for 25k which out performed their 1 million dollar advertising program. Had the most rentals across their 15,000 apartment portfolio and least cost per lease.
  • Success Large Project Management: 6 different under-performing complexes, Robert was recruited to stablize these apartment communities with serious time constraints for a client to achieve a timely IPO (pre-capitalization) for one of the largest REITS in the country now. Robert achieved a successful stabilization to 95%+ within a couple months. The owners were so impressed with our group they hired one of our leasing experts to be there 1st marketing director.
  • Satellite Success: We Leased over 50% of all rentals on a property when we were not even present at the property through a system we developed to eliminate vacancies.
  • Severe Time Constraints: Successfully stabilization of a very distressed property to a tax credit status during a period of significant renovations and severe time constraints. Meeting the tax credit requirements under such trying conditions made a strong impression on the owner as they would have lost millions of dollars in tax credits if they had not brought in Robert’s team.